Calling all SOUPer friends!

So I know I promised many of you to tell you what you could do for us, and I’ve finally got it!  SOUP!  We bought a big chest freezer earlier this summer and it would be so great to stock it up with soups for the fall, as we settle into this whole chemotherapy regimen and as I start my new job.  … [Read more...]

A Precautionary Tale

Hello! So J had his first real encounter with the negative effects of chemotherapyThursday night.  He had some uncontrollable shaking followed by a sudden high fever.  So we called our MSK doctors and decided to bundle up and head to our local ER.  We’re hanging out at Putnam Hospital for 48 … [Read more...]


Went into MSK today to meet with the good doctor and get a chemo shot (bleomycin). Doc palpated my larger tumor and said he was sure it was shrinking!  My sister drove me in, we sang on the way.  She drew this as I was on the drip: It's her birthday tomorrow and I for one am so damn glad she … [Read more...]


We got home Saturday late in the day.  What a pleasure to be in familiar space, quiet replacing the buzzing and beeps of the ICU, welcomed by some cheery banners and cards.  I was wiped out and have had varying degrees of "chemo-brain" the past few days - moments where my CPU seems to be operating … [Read more...]

Homeward Bound

All packed up and dressed, waiting on final discharge before the drive north. A couple of pics here from just after the last bag of chemo for this cycle finished. Still feeling pretty good and so grateful for that. … [Read more...]

Floating Upriver

Day 4 of chemo and feeling good so far. I feel somewhat tired from the emotional/mental stress, the environment of the hospital, probably the chemo and counter-meds but I also feel energized and lighter somehow - and I think it is because these tumors are diminishing in haste. The pain I had in my … [Read more...]

Move to The Blog & Updates

Hey all, Leave it to J to invent a new and better way of connecting. We're migrating this whole conversation to a blog, so that you can choose to get updates at your own pace by visiting the blog or getting posts emailed to you. Last summer, on our motorcycle trip out west, that was the first … [Read more...]

little update on j

Hi Amazing People of Jay, Long day, short update: MRI shows no metastases to the brain. None! Jay's chemo regimen will be BEP. He started this afternoon, no issues. He is in the Intensive Care Unit to make sure there are no complications with bleeding in his lungs. He is in good spirits and … [Read more...]

Where I’m At

Dear Friends and Family, I cannot begin to express the gratitude i feel right now for you. Through your notes, your actions, your messages, your prayers, your thoughts, and your hearts I feel upheld, energized, encouraged, hopeful. The news has been mind-numbing and disorienting. Bouts of deep … [Read more...]


Hey all, Rambling update, followed by a note from Jay! Skip ahead for the heart, read on for the heady Western medicine. So we met with our main oncologist today, Dr. Darren Feldman. He is thorough, kind and a leader in his field. He reviewed the pathology results with us in detail. The cancer … [Read more...]

Visiting J

Hey all, Thank you so much for all of the messages of support and kind thoughts directed our way.  We feel so supported and moved by the wave of love.  I apologize if we haven't responded individually - there is just a lot to handle right now. Jay is eager to see all of you.  He's going to be in … [Read more...]

The News

Hey people who also love Jay, So we've had some big news these past couple of days that I'd like to share with you. After a few weeks of Jay experiencing some aches and pains and random health issues, we finally got to the origin of it all this week. Jay has testicular cancer (stage 3C) and is … [Read more...]