You Can Call Me NED

One year ago today at around 6pm I was in the orchard staking a young tree in an attempt to get it to grow straight when the phone rang. I let it go to voicemail deeming my arboreal correction of greater importance. The phone rang again.  This time I went inside and looked at the caller ID which … [Read more...]

Home sweet home!

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When the Sun Shines, We’ll Shine Together

Hey all, Good day today!!  Jay got his chest tube and epidural out earlier in the day and we're making steady progress towards getting discharged from the hospital sometime tomorrow.  Also, he did a full two miles of laps around the floor, basking in the steady stream of praise for his … [Read more...]

All good

He did it! Jay is fresh out of surgery, doing great!!! Here are my notes from my post-op talk with Jay's amazingly gifted surgeon, Dr. Bains. Thanks for all of your good thoughts this morning. They helped! Also, stay posted for more visiting times later on today (this guy has so much support, … [Read more...]

Ready to fly

Hey team of big-hearted people, Jay headed into surgery at around 8:30 am. He's in the care of some pretty amazing people now: nurses, anesthesiologists and surgeons. And you! We received so many loving and soothing recordings over the past week and it makes me happy to think of those sweet … [Read more...]