Celebrating 5 Years & Riding with the Nutcrackers

When my family and I sat down for dinner last night my daughter, Juniper, asked me why I was crying. “Because I am so happy and grateful we are all here,” I told her. It was our first meal in our new house in Buenos Aires where we are living for a year and as I took in the sight of the food on the table, my loving wife, and our daughters, I was overwhelmed with wonder and gratitude. I had the felt sense of just how possible it was that this moment could never have come to pass and all of the love, care, science and good fortune it took to get here.

I went into MSK for my annual tests in December. Being there brought back the memories of that terrible and miraculous year but mostly I was happy to be able to celebrate 5 years of being cancer-free — a big milestone for all cancer survivors.

With Dr. Feldman in December,

I have a debt I can never fully repay to all of you; my family, my friends, my care team and all of the scientists, researchers and clinicians who developed and refined the treatments that saved my life.

In 1972 my diagnosis had a fatality rate of 100% and it is only through the kind of research that Dr. Feldman and others are doing that I lived. I will be returning to NYC to ride on March 9th as part of Cycle for Survival with the Nutcrackers team.

Many of you have given generously to this cause over the years and I ask you again, in celebration of 5 years of survival and “thrival,” to join me in helping more cancer patients to survive, to have families and to have more moments of being overwhelmed at the beauty and grace in the world.

Click here to support rare cancer research.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love, Jay

Arriving in Buenos Aires earlier this month


  1. Maria Morone Zotto says:

    Jay, How I remember the journey you and I went through. I haven’t celebrated 5 years cancer free last December on my first cancer milestone yet. This coming December will be 5 years cancer free on the second cancer and I will feel like clicking me heals at that point. Our journey has changed our lives forever that’s for sure. Love and blessings to you and your family, Maria

    • Maria! So good to hear from you and I am so grateful you are coming up on 5-years since the second. Let’s find a way to celebrate together! Love to you and Dom

  2. Amy Pearce-Hayden says:

    This is beyond wonderful. And you owe no debt to anyone. :) love you


  3. kirstie benedict says:

    jay. i’m so happy for you. i still remember all of your incredible, heart wrenching, raw, real and often hilarious posts when you were going through everything. i still remember the photo of you with the huge scar down half of your body. is there ever, like, a definitive “you are in the clear“ at however many years?

    i have always wanted to go to argentina… ok, so there is this field hockey athlete. she is now retired but was the best in the world. i was obsessed with her. her name is luciana aymar, or lucha. they call her “la maga” because she really was a magician on the field. the women’s national 🏑 team “las leonas“ are one of the top teams in the world. but what i love best about them is they always cheer and sing and dance. get your girls playing then they can play at penn state (i mean, you got connections). there are many clubs around the country. i am kidding. sports are too competitive for me and too much pressure for children today. i can’t imagine playing today. what happened to the fun part?

    please tell kr hello. i was happy to finally meet her. you have these wonderful priorities that you seem to be constantly embracing, busted nut or not.

    • Thanks Kirstie! And thank you for the donation and support. I am pretty much as close to “in the clear” as one can get. My oncologist would never use the word “cured” because there is a tiny chance of recurrence but it is tiny and on the order of getting in a car crash, etc. So, from my perspective and in terms of how i feel, I am cured and in the clear.

      You are welcome to come visit! We have lots of space – just let me know. and yes, who took the “play” out of “playing” sports or instruments? no bueno

  4. Evergreen Enviromental says:

    Congrats Nephew ! You are an amazing young man, I am very proud to be your uncle.Enjoy your life and family in South America, celebrate each day !    Love ya all,         Uncle Al

    Al St. Vincent

    MetPro Recovery

    & Evergreen Environmental Corp.



  5. So happy for you. The little girls are solid miracles! And Katie Rose a lucky find!!

    What are you doing in Buenos Aires?


  6. chipslinger says:

    Powerful. Special. Grateful.


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