Fighting the Fight and Lighting the Night

I saw my doc yesterday and good news on two fronts: 1) my immune system is back in the green and on the upper end of normal ranges and 2) my tumor marker is down to 1,765 from 3,143 a week ago (details here).   A part of me was a little disappointed in the tumor marker number because it seems like … [Read more...]

Hump Day

So they tell me I am not supposed to be feeling so hot today but I feel good! It is day 10 / hump day of cycle 2 chemo  and based on cycle 1 my immune system should be crashing (I started taking antibiotics this morning as a precaution and will hopefully avoid the hospital this time!). I am not … [Read more...]

The Latest

1) News I just finished 5 days of the intensive chemo and it all went well.  I was able to go in for 4 hours to the chemo room at MSK Kimmel center on an outpatient basis and KR had a crack team of folks who drove me to and from MSK and Pawling (many thanks for the rides guys!).   It's day 6 of … [Read more...]

Tumor Cells – Over 90% Off!

Hey team - the last week has been great!  My immune system was back along with my energy levels. I went for hikes (including a 5-mile) and practiced yoga almost every day. But here's the best part: my tumor marker (HCG), which is the best indicator of the number of live cancer cells, went from … [Read more...]

Hail the Phagocytic Laborers

After a few days in the hospital and being fed immune-building soups and snacks by my #1 nurse my immune system came back online yesterday morning (neutrophil count up above 1300 from 490) and I was release on my on recognizance. My friend Dov and his daughter Riley graciously gave me a ride home … [Read more...]