Nutcrackers Ride Again

What a year. Personally, I have been both overwhelmed by the intensity, the disruption and the grief and, at the same time, have been in awe of acts of compassion and moments of connectedness, healing and growth. On many levels these juxtaposed feelings remind me of the year I was sick. I remain so deeply grateful for surviving that year and know in my bones I could not have done it without you. 

Over the years we have raised funds through Cycle For Survival for germ cell tumor research as a way to give back and ease the suffering of others who have been and will be diagnosed. 

This year, as one of the unintended but positive consequences of the pandemic, we held a Nutcrackers Research Rally on Zoom to hear some stories of those touched by these diseases and understand the research that many of you have funded (close to $500K over the last 7 years!). There is an exciting new immunotherapy being developed that was not available when I was sick as well as an incredibly accurate mRNA-based tumor-marker that can lead to early detection and better monitoring. You can view a recording of the research rally here:

While we are not riding in person this year, we are riding, walking, running, hiking and rallying virtually. Cancer does not stop because of the pandemic and we need to keep on searching for better tools to diagnose and treat these diseases. 

I ride for that patient who has run out of options. I ride in gratitude for having survived and for all those who made that possible.

Thank you for all of your support in the past and please join us in continuing the battle and donate what you can, whatever amount, it all helps:

100% of funds go directly to research at MSK (including studies in which I am a subject).

With love and deep appreciation,



  1. Hi J. I passed the whole day reading your blog and your whole experience is amazing. Now I’m more than confident to follow my intuition as I am waiting for my pathology results prior my rplnd surgery that I just did 4 days ago. I was wondering if we can talk and clear all my doubts I identified myself a lot on you (and we even had the same sub type) my email is I would love to chat with you if you agree and want it to. Send you all the light and love for you and your beautiful family. Regards from Mexico!

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