Riding for Survival

I am writing after just moving back to Pawling, NY from Buenos Aires, Argentina where we spent a year living and our final 3 weeks camping in Patagonia (pic below at El Chaltén). We drove 2,000 miles to the end of the southernmost road in the world. I was back in NY in December of last year for my annual surveillance testing and am happy and so grateful to report 6 years cancer-free!

This year I am again raising funds as part of Cycle for Survival to support rare cancer research. You all have supported these efforts generously in the past as well as helping us through my illness and I am forever grateful. But I am calling on you again because the fight is far from over.

In 1972 the fatality rate for my diagnosis was close to 100%. I had the sheer grace and luck to get sick after resources had been invested to develop a treatment that gave me a 50% chance and I am here because of that research. Without continuing to develop more effective and less brutal treatments many more will die and suffer.

I am raising funds for that patient who has run out of options. I am raising funds in gratitude for having survived and for all those, including you, who made that possible.

Please join us in continuing the battle and donate what you can, whatever amount, it all helps: http://mskcc.convio.net/goto/jayerickson

100% of funds go directly to research at MSK (including studies in which I am a subject).

Thank you all for the support – then and now.

With love and deep appreciation,


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