No Sign of the Enemy

Despite the reservations I share with this fellow in regards to using combat metaphors for cancer it sure as hell sometimes feels like an enemy. And in the past week there have been two very encouraging pieces of intelligence gathered on the enemy’s movements (or lack thereof I should say!). The … [Read more...]

Home safe and sound

Hey all, Just a quick note to say that Jay returned home safe and sound this afternoon, driven by his parents and my sister (I had to go back to work this week).  We are so grateful for their support and for everyone who buoyed us up during these past 10 days (friends, family, nurses, doctors, … [Read more...]

Come see the mythical unicorn slippers and the man who dances in them.

Am going back to work tomorrow and don't want Jay to be dancing in his unicorn slippers all by himself... … [Read more...]

Compare & Contrast

Yesterday ____________________________________ Today ____________________________________ (may need to view on the web to see the video above) Hopefully tomorrow my chest drain comes out and I'll be home in short order.  Still waiting on pathology … [Read more...]

visitors welcome!

Hi all, Thank you so much for all of the love and support you’ve been sending our way!  Jay is ready for visitors and would love to see you. If you’d like to visit, pick a time below, check my follow-up email for details and confirmation and come on by! Love and gratitude, KR … [Read more...]

Good News!

Notes from postop discussion with Dr. Bains Was he stable throughout the surgery? Yes, very stable Any blood transfusions necessary? No, lost very little blood (160cc) Any difficulty removing mass near the pericardium? No trouble at all How many masses removed? 24 When will we … [Read more...]


Just got the call that they are closing Jay up.  I'll speak to the surgeon in the next hour and let you know what he says.  Keep sending love Jay's way; it works!  In the meantime, here is a presurgical selfie from this morning when we were brighter eyed and bushier tailed: love, KR … [Read more...]

Good To Go

Just got the call from MSK with confirmation and final time for tomorrow's surgery: 9:30am arrival, 11:30am slice n' dice.  Surgery should be 2-4 hours so if you have any extra white light hanging around feel free to shoot it over my way  during that time (68th and 1st, c/o KR).  I feel prepared and … [Read more...]

It’s Gonna Be A Lung Day

Just got scheduled for my open-chest (left) lung surgery for next Wednesday 3/19.  It is sooner than we expected but it will be good to get it done and then have only one surgery left (well, the right one will be left to be exact).   It will be at the main MSK hospital in the operating room next … [Read more...]

A Party Indeed

It’s Sunday morning at Equinox Graybar near Grand Central and the roof is being decidedly raised. We walk into the space where maybe a hundred stationary bikes are set up for one of 41 rides nationally as part of Cycle For Survival and it feels like entering a nightclub. The bass is pumping, the … [Read more...]