Home sweet home!

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When the Sun Shines, We’ll Shine Together

Hey all, Good day today!!  Jay got his chest tube and epidural out earlier in the day and we're making steady progress towards getting discharged from the hospital sometime tomorrow.  Also, he did a full two miles of laps around the floor, basking in the steady stream of praise for his … [Read more...]

All good

He did it! Jay is fresh out of surgery, doing great!!! Here are my notes from my post-op talk with Jay's amazingly gifted surgeon, Dr. Bains. Thanks for all of your good thoughts this morning. They helped! Also, stay posted for more visiting times later on today (this guy has so much support, … [Read more...]

Ready to fly

Hey team of big-hearted people, Jay headed into surgery at around 8:30 am. He's in the care of some pretty amazing people now: nurses, anesthesiologists and surgeons. And you! We received so many loving and soothing recordings over the past week and it makes me happy to think of those sweet … [Read more...]

How it’s going

Going on 6 days in the hospital now, so I thought it was time for a little update. It turns out the last-minute surgery was a very good call. Had the intestines remained twisted for another 6-12 hours, they might have needed to be removed in pieces: a much more complex surgery with a greater risk … [Read more...]

All is well

Jay just got out of surgery.  Dr. Philip Paty and his team took very good care of him.  There were not one but three obstructions: bands of adhesions that formed after his abdominal surgery, so it was a really good thing he went into surgery when he did.  This explains why Jay has been in so much … [Read more...]

Surgery Tonight

Hi all, Jay's team of very competent doctors all came into agreement today that surgery to repair his twisted intestine was probably inevitable and ideally, the sooner the better so as to avoid more serious issues.  So we made the decision tonight to go ahead with the surgery right away.  Jay … [Read more...]

Home safe and sound

Hey all, Just a quick note to say that Jay returned home safe and sound this afternoon, driven by his parents and my sister (I had to go back to work this week).  We are so grateful for their support and for everyone who buoyed us up during these past 10 days (friends, family, nurses, doctors, … [Read more...]

Come see the mythical unicorn slippers and the man who dances in them.

Am going back to work tomorrow and don't want Jay to be dancing in his unicorn slippers all by himself... … [Read more...]

visitors welcome!

Hi all, Thank you so much for all of the love and support you’ve been sending our way!  Jay is ready for visitors and would love to see you. If you’d like to visit, pick a time below, check my follow-up email for details and confirmation and come on by! Love and gratitude, KR … [Read more...]

Good News!

Notes from postop discussion with Dr. Bains Was he stable throughout the surgery? Yes, very stable Any blood transfusions necessary? No, lost very little blood (160cc) Any difficulty removing mass near the pericardium? No trouble at all How many masses removed? 24 When will we … [Read more...]


Just got the call that they are closing Jay up.  I'll speak to the surgeon in the next hour and let you know what he says.  Keep sending love Jay's way; it works!  In the meantime, here is a presurgical selfie from this morning when we were brighter eyed and bushier tailed: love, KR … [Read more...]

Come say hi!

We'd love to see you all. I updated the visit form below.  Thanks for humoring us by filling out the form instead of texting/emailing about when to visit.  I think otherwise my poor brain might explode trying to coordinate times ;-) Can't wait for some in-person hugs!  Jay's incision is pretty … [Read more...]

I love you. Did they find a cheeseburger?

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Just met with the surgeon and he reported a challenging, but successful surgery! Everything went well: -Many lymph nodes removed -Big abdominal tumor removed with preliminary cancer-negative pathology -Left testicle removed with no need for a separate incision -Kidney spared removal -Nerves … [Read more...]