Home sweet home!



  1. Lauren Porcaro Dorment says:

    Jay looks great! My kids saw the picture and want to know what he is catching with the net. Hope you’re great- L

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    • It’s for dragonflies and butterflies although i was in no shape to do anything other than momentarily brandish it that day :)

  2. Yippee! Enjoy the butterflies of summer and being together in your beautifully created space.

  3. Hey J!!!

    My name is Miguel. My girlfriend found your blog 4 months back because she was researching Dr. Feldman. I am currently one of Dr. Feldman’s patients. I was diagnosed with a primary non-seminomous mediastinal germ cell tumor in Jan. 2014. I joined Dr. Feldman’s clinical trial in February and had surgery in May 2014…Dr. Bains was also my surgeon. I hope all is well and that you make a steady recovery.

    • Great to hear from you Miguel! Recovery is going great so far (much better than my left lung!). You will be in my thoughts as well. Jay

  4. <3

  5. “The Bear’s in Town” Aho!!!!

  6. Theresa Ryan says:

    Looks like a much better, faster recovery than the last time. Hurrah! xot

  7. Sebastian says:


  8. Veronique Wantz says:

    Congratulations Jay for your determination and courage. It makes my day(night I should say, it is Kate here)  to know you are home again.

    Lots of love to both of you.

    I hope you will come to our beautiful house in La Sarthe, it is truly magical.



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  9. Bravo, Sweet Prince!!

  10. Jay with big smile, butterfly net, unicorn slippers, soft fade summer background…love it!!

  11. Wow! Talk about a bounce-back!
    A joy to see!!!
    Thank you!!
    All Love,

  12. Great! Ready for the electric splitter now? :-)

  13. Ellen love Dungan says:


  14. Aline Haynes says:

    Wow this is the best photo of the year!!! Thrilled to see you looking so good and love those slippers,
    Take care and have a fabulous weekend AT HOME!!!
    Aline and Bill Haynes

  15. Mary Ludington says:

    Hooray!!! XO, Mary & Kevin

  16. Ann bresnan says:

    How sweet it is!!!

  17. patty giesecke says:

    Home……the picture sends a thousand messages ….and makes us smile.
    Sending love

  18. Welcome home! love those slippers!

  19. Deanna Sue Sucsy says:

    Great News So happy to hear
    xxx Sue

  20. Jane Ringer says:

    Priceless! Photo says it all and welcome home! I am so happy you were able to get out of the city without someone stealing your slippers. xoxoxoxoxo

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