The Nutcrackers are back in person!

The last year has proven to be another challenging one for us all but the increased opportunities to gather safely in person feel like much needed medicine and food for the soul. Next Saturday, for the first time in 2 years, we will be riding to raise funds for germ cell tumor research at MSK.

A few days ago, Juniper (now 7) found 21 four-leaf clovers and has been giving them out to people to give them good luck. Somehow this image of an abundance of good fortune captures how I often feel 8 years after my last surgery. The knowledge that, but for the grace of the universe + science + amazing care, I would not be here. Juniper and her sister Iris (now 5) would not be here.

I ride so that more may be so lucky. I ride so that not so many would have to suffer brutal treatment. I ride to give back to a community of researchers, doctors, nurses and caregivers who saved my life.

Over the past 8 years, The Nutcrackers team has raised over $550K for germ cell tumor research. Thank you, thank you to all who have given so generously and consistently.

But the race is not yet won so I humbly and gratefully ask you again for any support you can lend and donate what you can, whatever amount, it all helps: (any donation $1K+ will be doubled from now until Tuesday).

100% of funds go directly to research at MSK (including studies in which I am a subject).

If you want to deep dive into the research we support, check out this video of Dr. Feldman and Dr. Funt breaking it down:

With love, Jay

And here’s Iris with a duckling on her head:


  1. Hey, Jay.

    I’m 6 days post-RPLND surgery with Dr. Sheinfeld and team. Was just moved to solid (low fat) foods today… optimistically, will be going home tomorrow.

    Your posts have been a source of inspiration and comfort during this hellacious time. To know that there’s so much joy still possible in this life ahead has been the most helpful, reassuring message that I’ve come across. Your blog has been a Godsend. Would love to find out if there are ways to help/contribute/participate in helping out other guys going through.

    I’m up in Dutchess County (when not in Brooklyn)… hope our paths cross one day!

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