Wow - what a week!  A lot of ups and downs.  We have been home since Wednesday night and the surgery recovery continues. A week ago at about this time I was coming in and out of consciousness in the the post-surgery recovery room after having just been stapled back up. The surgery was successful and … [Read more...]

Come say hi!

We'd love to see you all. I updated the visit form below.  Thanks for humoring us by filling out the form instead of texting/emailing about when to visit.  I think otherwise my poor brain might explode trying to coordinate times ;-) Can't wait for some in-person hugs!  Jay's incision is pretty … [Read more...]

I love you. Did they find a cheeseburger?

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Just met with the surgeon and he reported a challenging, but successful surgery! Everything went well: -Many lymph nodes removed -Big abdominal tumor removed with preliminary cancer-negative pathology -Left testicle removed with no need for a separate incision -Kidney spared removal -Nerves … [Read more...]


Thank you for surrounding us with such love. Everything is falling into place and Jay is probably beginning surgery as I write. He's got a playlist of soothing voices and music queued up, a focused team, a world-class surgeon and all of your good thoughts floating in from near and far. I'll update … [Read more...]

Game Day

Hey Team! So tomorrow is the big day - RPLND + orchiectomy and I’ve got all my stuff for a week in the joint laid out. We’ll arrive at the hospital at 5:45am, the slice and dice should begin around 8am and it should last ~5 hours. If you have a minute during that window sling some good vibes over to … [Read more...]

Goodbye Old Friend

Next Friday the 24th I go under the knife. I am excited to be getting to this important milestone in my treatment and preparing myself through exercise, yoga, mediation and diet. But as the day approaches I find myself more anxious. I have been trying to get to the root of it. Certainly being … [Read more...]

Keeping Warm in the Cold

Hey y’all - happy new year! Hope everyone had a wunderbar holiday season and those in the grip of the current cold snap are staying warm. Since my last update nothing too major has happened on the medical front. My tumor marker continued it’s “soft landing” and dropped to 17 as of last Thursday. … [Read more...]