A Very Happy New Year

I am at my wife’s childhood home in Minnesota watching the sun drop slowly behind the bare trees for the last time in 2017.  As I reflect on the year during this rare moment of quiet (one daughter is napping, the other playing with her grandmother) I am overwhelmed again with gratitude.  I think of … [Read more...]

Someone Told Me It’s All Happening At The (terato)Zoo(spermia)

All clear again two weeks ago for my quarterly tests!  Despite being in a relative safe zone,  my sense of relief and comfort always deepens when I get the news and my gratitude and joy ratchets up. As I sat in the waiting room at MSK a young man huddled with his parents after receiving some bad … [Read more...]

Gratitude with a Side of Turkey

I went to Sloan Kettering two weeks ago for my quarterly testing and got the all clear!  Now that I am about 2 years away from my last round of chemo my oncologist says my chance of recurrence is now less than 2% which sounds pretty low to me and, just as important, I feel great.  I still have a … [Read more...]

Giving Thanks

I Hey team! It has been a long time since I’ve posted and I hope I haven't caused any worry in the interim. My health is great - official cancer status is "confirmed complete remission" (which is pretty much as good as it gets). I am now in "surveillance" with monthly blood tests and x-rays and … [Read more...]

You Can Call Me NED

One year ago today at around 6pm I was in the orchard staking a young tree in an attempt to get it to grow straight when the phone rang. I let it go to voicemail deeming my arboreal correction of greater importance. The phone rang again.  This time I went inside and looked at the caller ID which … [Read more...]

One More Round

Hey team! Just a quick post to let you all know I am going in Monday, 8/4 for my right lung thoracotomy. It will likely be in the morning and should take 3-4 hours. The standard hospital stay is 3-5 days - I'm gonna try and make it 3. I feel strong and energetic in my body and am drifting towards a … [Read more...]

A Big Time

Summer is swinging and bursting open with dewy sweet mornings and evenings like molasses. A few weeks ago KR and I got married for realz on a day so filled with light and joy and smiles and hugs and tears that only the solstice could contain it all. It was a trifecta celebration of union, health and … [Read more...]

No, YOU Grow the Placenta

Hey Team! It’s been a beautiful, sunny, warm late Spring day -I can almost hear the trees and plants growing- and my cancer is nowhere to be found. I got a CT scan and labs and met with my Dr. Feldman (my oncologist) last week. My tumor marker remains in the undetectable range for the second time … [Read more...]

May Day

Last Thursday morning, May Day, I put on my rain boots and jacket and rode the rails to NYC through the tail end of a 2-day rain. Walking from Grand Central to MSK I noticed how slow I was moving. I have traditionally been one of the faster moving objects on a New York sidewalk but I was rolling at … [Read more...]

It’s Gonna Be A Lung Day

Just got scheduled for my open-chest (left) lung surgery for next Wednesday 3/19.  It is sooner than we expected but it will be good to get it done and then have only one surgery left (well, the right one will be left to be exact).   It will be at the main MSK hospital in the operating room next … [Read more...]

A Party Indeed

It’s Sunday morning at Equinox Graybar near Grand Central and the roof is being decidedly raised. We walk into the space where maybe a hundred stationary bikes are set up for one of 41 rides nationally as part of Cycle For Survival and it feels like entering a nightclub. The bass is pumping, the … [Read more...]

Better Every Day

Hey lovers! Hope everyone had a warm Valentine’s day yesterday. Good news this week - my tumor marker was down to 4.7 on Thursday and CT scan at the same time showed an approximate 20% reduction in all lung masses as compared to a month ago! They saw some fluid around my kidneys and Dr. Sheinfeld … [Read more...]


Wow - what a week!  A lot of ups and downs.  We have been home since Wednesday night and the surgery recovery continues. A week ago at about this time I was coming in and out of consciousness in the the post-surgery recovery room after having just been stapled back up. The surgery was successful and … [Read more...]

Game Day

Hey Team! So tomorrow is the big day - RPLND + orchiectomy and I’ve got all my stuff for a week in the joint laid out. We’ll arrive at the hospital at 5:45am, the slice and dice should begin around 8am and it should last ~5 hours. If you have a minute during that window sling some good vibes over to … [Read more...]

Goodbye Old Friend

Next Friday the 24th I go under the knife. I am excited to be getting to this important milestone in my treatment and preparing myself through exercise, yoga, mediation and diet. But as the day approaches I find myself more anxious. I have been trying to get to the root of it. Certainly being … [Read more...]