Keeping Warm in the Cold

Hey y’all - happy new year! Hope everyone had a wunderbar holiday season and those in the grip of the current cold snap are staying warm. Since my last update nothing too major has happened on the medical front. My tumor marker continued it’s “soft landing” and dropped to 17 as of last Thursday. … [Read more...]

Balls of Light in the Darkness

Hi Team! I am watching the snow fall again today and thankfully my tumor marker is doing the same - it was at 26 yesterday!  I  know it has been a few weeks since the last post.  I do get tested usually every week and generally post the results to the medical info page by Tuesday morning so you can … [Read more...]

Feeling the Plenitude

Howdy Team!  As of yesterday my tumor marker was just under 50 (49.8 to be precise) which means it's still continuing to pace well and we may just be a few weeks away from the range where MSK will green light the RPLND surgery.  My football self can feel some downhill momentum as we cross this 50 … [Read more...]

4th Quarter

I am resting in bed on day 4 of my last 3-week cycle. I had a smooth day at the chemo barn at MSK. It took a while to find a viable vein (they get hardened from the chemo) but luckily I only have one more day of the intensive 4-hour drip and then just two shots the following Mondays. I had a great … [Read more...]

Go Deep

Hey team! Just wanted to check in with the latest. I've been feeling great the last week or so and able to go for long walks and do some work around the house: getting the firewood together, clearing trails, etc. My tumor marker was down to 311 on Monday. The rate of decline slowed a bit from the … [Read more...]

Not an Open Letter to Miley Cyrus

They said the third cycle would hit harder.  They were right - the last few days I was pretty wiped out.  I may have set a personal sleep record with a good 19 hours of rack time on Sunday!  My energy level is better today and I'm looking forward to the end of this week when my immune system and … [Read more...]


Hey gang - just started cycle 3 of 4 so I am now over halfway there!  Also my tumor marker (HCG - indicator of the number of live tumor cells) is down to 864 as of yesterday!  After my last test I was a bit concerned about the pace of decline slowing down but my doc says it's common to see a slow … [Read more...]

Fighting the Fight and Lighting the Night

I saw my doc yesterday and good news on two fronts: 1) my immune system is back in the green and on the upper end of normal ranges and 2) my tumor marker is down to 1,765 from 3,143 a week ago (details here).   A part of me was a little disappointed in the tumor marker number because it seems like … [Read more...]

The Latest

1) News I just finished 5 days of the intensive chemo and it all went well.  I was able to go in for 4 hours to the chemo room at MSK Kimmel center on an outpatient basis and KR had a crack team of folks who drove me to and from MSK and Pawling (many thanks for the rides guys!).   It's day 6 of … [Read more...]

Tumor Cells – Over 90% Off!

Hey team - the last week has been great!  My immune system was back along with my energy levels. I went for hikes (including a 5-mile) and practiced yoga almost every day. But here's the best part: my tumor marker (HCG), which is the best indicator of the number of live cancer cells, went from … [Read more...]


We got home Saturday late in the day.  What a pleasure to be in familiar space, quiet replacing the buzzing and beeps of the ICU, welcomed by some cheery banners and cards.  I was wiped out and have had varying degrees of "chemo-brain" the past few days - moments where my CPU seems to be operating … [Read more...]

Floating Upriver

Day 4 of chemo and feeling good so far. I feel somewhat tired from the emotional/mental stress, the environment of the hospital, probably the chemo and counter-meds but I also feel energized and lighter somehow - and I think it is because these tumors are diminishing in haste. The pain I had in my … [Read more...]

Where I’m At

Dear Friends and Family, I cannot begin to express the gratitude i feel right now for you. Through your notes, your actions, your messages, your prayers, your thoughts, and your hearts I feel upheld, energized, encouraged, hopeful. The news has been mind-numbing and disorienting. Bouts of deep … [Read more...]