Medical Info

Jay was diagnosed in August 2013 with stage IIIC testicular cancer with poor risk stratification.   The cancer seems to have originated in his left testicle where a “burnt out” (and now unproductive) tumor was discovered via ultrasound.     Jay began treatment on 8/20/13 with tumors that had metastasized to his lungs (a bunch of small tumors and one golf-ball sized tumor on his pericardium – through the blood) and to his abdomen (a softball-sized tumor in his left retroperitoneal area – through the lymphatic system).

  • Jay is in the excellent hands of Dr. Darren Feldman at Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • initial HCG (a key tumor marker) was at ~230,000  (this usually only shows in pregnant women which is why Jay was able to test positive on a home pregnancy test :)
  • the cancer cell type is called “non-seminoma” and the particular subtype is most likely “choriocarcinoma
  • MRI confirmed no metastes to the brain on 8/19/13,  11/18/13 and again on 1/9/14
  • Initial treatment course was 4 cycles of BEP (5 days chemo, 2 weeks off) which began on 8/20/13
  • CT scan showed reduction of ~50% in tumor masses between 8/16/13 and 11/7/13 and ~25% reduction between 11/7/13 and 1/9/14
  • RPLND and orchiectomy on 1/24/14 – pathology was negative (all nodes benign or necrotic)
  • Left lung thoracotomy with 24 wedge resections performed 3/19/14 – pathology was negative on all masses
  • Right lung thoracotomy with 17 wedge resections performed 8/4/14 – pathology was negative on all masses


  1. Oh you have inspored me!
    I too am a MSKCC patient but almost 2yrs NED. Stage 3b rectal cancer. Chemo. Chemo radiation and a pretty wild adominal opening surgery know as an LAR with TME typically 7 hrs. (Best sleep ever).
    No METS. Only local lymph nodes.
    I’m impressed by your candor on paper/ blog. I have attempted but cannot focus long enough.
    I am sad for your right wingman. But… thankful you will be here to write. Goodspped on Friday. You and your guys are in my prayera.
    Ps… the Yukon gold potato soup is pretty good. Enjoy.
    Much peace


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