Feeling the Plenitude

Howdy Team!  As of yesterday my tumor marker was just under 50 (49.8 to be precise) which means it's still continuing to pace well and we may just be a few weeks away from the range where MSK will green light the RPLND surgery.  My football self can feel some downhill momentum as we cross this 50 … [Read more...]

Monday Funday

Yesterday was a great day. For the last 3 months I have gotten chemo every Monday. But not this week! Yesterday we traded that in for a heaping measure of good news. KR and I reviewed my CT scan results with Dr. Feldman and he was happy with how everything looked. The tumor masses have reduced in … [Read more...]

Chemo No Mo

Yesterday was my last day of chemo! It came in the form of my weekly push of bleomycin and it felt glorious. My nurse for the day, Sita, had to hunt to find a last viable vein (most of them from my elbows down have sclerosis from the cisplatin chemo) but, being the vein whisperer, she found a good … [Read more...]