One More Round

Hey team! Just a quick post to let you all know I am going in Monday, 8/4 for my right lung thoracotomy. It will likely be in the morning and should take 3-4 hours. The standard hospital stay is 3-5 days – I’m gonna try and make it 3. I feel strong and energetic in my body and am drifting towards a place of calm and stillness in preparation.

During my last 3 surgeries the team has allowed me to have an iPod and headphones. I came across this idea in a Bernie Siegel book in which he describes the clinical virtues of positive auditory input during surgery. Even though you are “out” during general anesthesia, your ears and brain are still working on some level. It also seems potentially beneficial to block out the operating room chatter, i.e. “Can you hand me that scalpel? Dammit, I dropped it. 5-second rule! How was golf on Sunday?”

I tell you all of this because I wanted to invite you to be with me during the surgery, or at least whispering sweet somethings into my ear. If you are inspired to do so, please feel free to send me an audio recording that I can incorporate into my Thoracotomy 2014 playlist (mad mix y’all). It could be a poem, a simple message of encouragement, a mantra, a little ditty, etc. You could use the voice memo feature on your phone or computer and send me an mp3, wav, aiff, or mov file (don’t worry about flubs, etc., I can edit them out if needed). And absolutely no pressure – I will be more than happy with just some good mojo / juju / white light on Monday morning or simply the intention you have right now in this moment. It all works.

KR will send progress updates on Monday. I’ll see you all on the other side of what will hopefully be the last step of treatment in this adventure.

Thank you all for your love and support!


  1. Sabrina Dupré says:

    You’re in my thoughts and in my heart, Jay. Be strong you burly blonde beast.

  2. Lauren Porcaro Dorment says:

    Hi, J! Sending you love and good thoughts for Monday. And, a little Linda Ronstadt, of course, seemed timely. (I hope the file works.) I sing it to the kids. Xox
    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Darby Ringer says:

    Jay–I’ve been thinking of you even though I have not entered anything on your blog. I will light
    a candle for you on Monday morning. Sending you love and healing light.


  4. We love you! We’ve got Hamish working on his best rendition of Wagon Wheel for your listening pleasure. And we’ll come visit next week, if you’re accepting peeps. xxx N, R, H

  5. We love you. We’ve got Hamish working on his best rendition of Wagon Wheel for your listening pleasure! Will send soon — and visit next week, if you’re accepting peeps. xxx N, R. H

  6. All our loving thoughts and warm healing wishes for a rapid recovery . We are with you in spirit. Middie and John

  7. Sebastian says:

    Good luck! Liz and I will definitely be sending you good karma, as well as a recording.

    It was so amazing to see you and KR a few weeks ago when I was in NY. It looks like Liz and I are likely moving to NYC, so I look forward to seeing a whole lot more of you guys!


  8. Deanna Sue Sucsy says:

    JAY all I can say is that I pray for you EVERY DAY and have for many months. I am not so tech advanced to send you stuff for your day of surgery. So please for me just put in a little line that says I really love and respect you (how you have chosen to handle the path to healing). If anyone will succeed, you will. I am so proud to be a part of your process. Much love, Sue Sucsy

  9. Beloved brother Jay, May the medicine of Eagle and Hawk give your surgical team keen eyes. May the solidity of Bear hold you through this cave of time you now enter. May the spirit of Oshun/Uisce the water of life cleanse, heal and restore you so that when you emerge from the cave of this very last surgery of your life you are new, fresh and ready to be what Bear is at the end of hibernation: a parent in their element. I am with you on all levels. Love Nadiya~

  10. Claudia Jessup says:

    You’re doing everything right! Will send both healing & home-in-3-days messages through the ethers. xo Claudia & Jonathan, India & Alex & Andy

  11. Jay Morales says:

    We’ll be humming a few bars in sync with you. See you soon. J&M

  12. Evan Asano says:

    Will be sending you mojo during the surgery and maybe an apinya.

  13. Ellen Love Dungan says:

    Hi Jay.

    iPod during surgery is a great idea. I go for music. And Brazilian bosa nova music always puts me in a good place . You may have your favorites. Some of mine are jobim, Elias Regina, luciana Souza Maybe the docs would like it too :).

    All the best. You will be in our hearts, mind and body on Monday.

    Xoxo Ellen, Al and Bridget

    Sent from my iPad

  14. Got you in our thoughts and prayers! -Kolt, Michelle, TJ, Ella, and Jake

  15. Carolyn Handler says:

    Chains by Amy Washburn is my anthem.


  16. Ann Bresnan says:

    Hating to admit my rather limited tech mojo, I send you my live and prayers for smooth sailing and a well- deserved quick recovery. If Ai did have my act together, I woukd send you Andre Bicelli and Celine Dion’s “The Prayer” . That has always been my “go-to” music of choice at important yikes. xoxooooo Ann

  17. patty giesecke says:

    Your pre-op physical and mental character is powerful and the credit is yours and KR’s. As you have done from the beginning, put the cape on and fly. We will do our part with thoughts, prayers and song. Love from the Gieseckes

  18. Esther forrest says:

    Interesting that you should mention listening to audio. I did that as well, not while I was out but while I was receiving all my treatments. Tracy Chapman was big then. Every time I hear her now it does bring me back, which is both good and bad (like so much of life). My thoughts and good karma will be with you.

  19. Mark Hanson says:

    Definitely sending some good mojo. Cousin Mark in Atlanta

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