I love you. Did they find a cheeseburger?

I love you.  Did they find a cheeseburger?


  1. Amazing!! Continuing to send love and healing vibes your way…xx

  2. alan st. vincent says:

    Great job! Great news! Rest up!

  3. Woohoooooo love the smile

  4. Nice work cuz!

  5. Nick Kearns says:

    Great news!

  6. My man! Best news of the year. Love you guys

  7. Theresa Ryan says:

    Way to go, Jay! xot

  8. Perfect!

  9. Been thinking of you all day. It’s so good to see your smiling face post op, so, so good.

  10. nice job jay!

  11. Winslow Lewis says:

    So glad to hear surgery went well.
    All the best Jay – Keeping you in our thoughts.


  12. patty giesecke says:


  13. Did they?! Also, this is the best thing I’ve seen all day. Speedy recovery! You (two) are the best!

  14. Larry Hayes says:

    Deep breath

  15. You’re an animal Erickson! True to form… Rest up my friend…

  16. Randy Fairbanks says:

    Hooray!!! Fantastic news!

  17. woot!

  18. hhaha! way to go Jay!

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