Good To Go

Just got the call from MSK with confirmation and final time for tomorrow’s surgery: 9:30am arrival, 11:30am slice n’ dice.  Surgery should be 2-4 hours so if you have any extra white light hanging around feel free to shoot it over my way  during that time (68th and 1st, c/o KR).  I feel prepared and excited to be on the other side of this one with just one more operation to go.

Thank you for all of the love, support, thoughts, notes, and vibes – you will all be in there with me tomorrow.

The aftermath of making two gallons of bone broth for recovery (simmered for 18 hours) – the best medicine – and my coterie of mojo / juju objects:


How I am imagining myself when I am under tomorrow (ROAR!):

lion(thanks Kate for the image)



  1. Sending you lots of love from the whole Tippie family. You are in my thoughts as you go through this journey. xoxo Alisa

  2. Dale Kramer Cohen says:

    Sending hugs and extraordinary karma. Your image and strength are those of the Lion King Jay…in spirit, heart and soul!

  3. bursts of good vibes from MN.

  4. Deanna Sue Sucsy says:

    Love you Jay and your spirit. Sending prayers your way. The Sucsys

  5. Sebastian says:

    Good luck bro! Sending you lots of white light and love from Oxford! Always thinking about you and hope to see you soon.

  6. love that lion roaring into the cosmos. you’re being lifted up by many, many people…healing, sacred light all around.

  7. says:

    Dearest Jay, I will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending all love, strength, healing, luck and an unwavering belief in the immense power of your own life force. You are prepared, you are in good hands, you are surrounded by people who love you, you will come out on the other side and will heal once more. Believing in you, and eager for updates as they come through, XoDesiVT

    Sent from my iPhone

  8. alan st. vincent says:

    Good luck buddy, we are all praying for you!
    Uncle Al

  9. Ann bresnan says:

    You are the best, Jay! The goalpost is in sight!!! Sending love and prayers your way! xxxooo

  10. Randy Fairbanks says:

    Jay, I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow! Sending hugs and lots of white light.

  11. What can I say but “I Love You, My Dear, Strong, Amazing, Talented, Sweet, Gonna-Be-All-Better-Soon Friend.”

  12. John Swain says:


    You are amazing and we will be with you tomorrow. White light on the way.

    Much love Betty and john

    Sent from my iPad

  13. Sending healing energy your way and lots of love!!!! xoxoxo

  14. bart louwagie says:

    Hey mate, goood good luck, I’ll do a solo drum 4 U tonite

  15. Sending white light your way, especially tomorrow morning!

  16. Theresa Ryan says:

    Great image! I am picturing you that way also. Good vibes heading your way. xot

  17. patty giesecke says:

    All the light we have… yours. Zoooooooom.
    We love you

  18. infinite love and light… you’re a warrior

  19. Jay… We will be with you in spirit. Lots of white light coming your way. -k

  20. Rooooooooooooar! Sending it your way!

  21. <3

  22. love!! <3 your objects reminded me of these instant collections.

    glad that image was predominately purple.
    bone soup. xo

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