Went into MSK today to meet with the good doctor and get a chemo shot (bleomycin). Doc palpated my larger tumor and said he was sure it was shrinking!  My sister drove me in, we sang on the way.  She drew this as I was on the drip:


It’s her birthday tomorrow and I for one am so damn glad she was born.


  1. Shrinkage?! Shrinkage is awesome!!! :)

  2. patty giesecke says:

    Glad to hear that tumor is shrinking…(.go BEP!.) I join you in celebrating your very special sisters birthday and so happy to hear she is able to spend time with you and Katie Rose. Sending hugs to all.

  3. That’s terrific news Jay. Makes us all happy over here.

  4. Theresa Ryan says:

    Sounds like such a rapid response to the treatment – that’s great! And H.B. to your sister – sibs are also great! xot

  5. karen erickson says:

    What a nice way to put Kristin’s birthday in perspective. The world without Kristin or you, Jay, doesn’t exist.

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