Just got the call that they are closing Jay up.  I’ll speak to the surgeon in the next hour and let you know what he says.  Keep sending love Jay’s way; it works!  In the meantime, here is a presurgical selfie from this morning when we were brighter eyed and bushier tailed:image




  1. Kirt Benedict says:

    Oops all my sTuFF didn’t make sense. Sorry.

  2. Kirt Benedict says:

    Ok kr now i want to meet you!

  3. Kirt Benedict says:

    Sorry…i don’t really think that made sense. Put simply, I think I’m JE all the time and I never know what to post, and he is an awesome writer and he seems like he has an awesome partner, other than that I really don’t know what to say but that I am praying for him and ok do not know how to finish…

  4. Theresa Ryan says:

    Love those shining and encouraging faces! xot

  5. Kirt Benedict says:

    i love u katie rose even though i don’t know you and i oft wonder what a jay is thinking when others lives are moving froward and he reads about them…my life does not move forward too much and i love Jay for who he is…BFF sisters bro. I never know what to say on these blogs but I always want to say something because I have been and the wife find and want to help today.

    • Kirt Benedict says:

      I spelled forward wrong and meant to say that i don’t know what to say…we got that part…and i too have been in a dark and scary place in my life…and that Jay you are so inspiring and have helped me…and know me and my family are always sending love & thinking of you. Just yesterday, dad, court and i gave a toast to you when out to lunch…hence the “i drunk and gonna clean my house and pray for Jay” post on fb. 😜

  6. kiss kiss love love.
    thanks for keeping us posted, we love you too Katie Rose!

  7. A big hug from all of us!!

  8. Love you guys. Give Jay a gentle high-five for me.

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