All is well

Jay just got out of surgery.  Dr. Philip Paty and his team took very good care of him.  There were not one but three obstructions: bands of adhesions that formed after his abdominal surgery, so it was a really good thing he went into surgery when he did.  This explains why Jay has been in so much pain recently.

Thanks for all of the love and support.  It works!


  1. Marie Schley says:


    I just wanted to write you a note to say that Nick and I following your progress every day. You are in our thoughts and we are wishing you a smooth recovery.

    Jay, you are a part if the extended Schley clan. Just crazy enough to understand the craziness and get a kick out of it. I look forward to seeing you at the beach in Martha’s Vineyard soon. I think we need a party with fireworks!



  2. You are a brave man Jay! The West Coast sends you love. I can’t believe what you are going through.

  3. Rosemary says:

    Brave heart, banish the pain, heal quickly and think about planting your garden and smelling the daffodils. Love to you and angel KR.

  4. Justine says:

    Glad they got rid of the pain source. Hope Jay will be more comfortable now. Here’s to a speedy recovery! Andy, Adda and Justine x

  5. Sebastian says:

    Stay strong buddy. Hope to see you soon.

  6. you guys are always in my thoughts! and coaster’s too (actually she is dreaming of chickens)

  7. I woke up in the middle of the night and my holy mother icon from Russia was glowing from her heart for all. Love Nadiya~

  8. John Swain says:

    Thanks Katie Rose

    This feels like very good news. Jay certainly has an amazing team around him. Not least of which is you!

    I had lunch yesterday with a friend who is looking for the right job which means defining what that is which means defining what you like to do which requires more thought than many people are trained to give, so we had a lengthy and productive time. A block away I knew that the triumvirate of Karen, Betty and Susan were having one of their birthday lunches. They were meeting at Mimi’s where the food is pretty poor but there is a piano with a pianist, an older hippie type, and the idea was to drink and sing, I think. As I passed after my lunch – see above – I saw them all in the window table, talking, would you believe. I was summoned on bended knee to join them, and it seems that they were all so full of news that they never got around to singing. The pianist, knowing it was a birthday celebration, was playing all sorts of birthday related tributes but the triumvirate were blissfully unaware. They all love each other so much that they are completely involved in their update. He got a really good tip anyway!

    Love and good thoughts to you guys, we are with you in spirit. John and Betty

    Sent from my iPad

  9. holding space! thanks for the report!

  10. kirt benedict says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us informed. I cannot believe that you are working as well! This is good news. Hopefully he will be out of pain soon…not fair!

  11. plants4kids says:

    Katie Rose, Thanks for the good news. Hoping the rest of Jay’s journey is less painful. Love, Brenda and Mark

  12. Jane ringer says:

    What a relief for Jay! Now KR, I hope you can get some sleep. Sending love!

  13. Theresa Ryan says:

    What a team! Glad it went well. xot

  14. Thank goodness!!!! Def in the right place w/the right team! Now back to.. Onward & upward!!!! See you guys soon.

  15. Tisha Howe says:

    So happy. Thought of you a lot last night. Now you are back on the path to recovery.

  16. says:

    Good news! Sending good vibes and thoughts and prayers to stay strong and heal from this latest operation. Xo Margaret and Kip

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  17. Well done, Dr. Paty!
    And even better done, Jay and KR!!
    Steve Ewing’s CAT and Dr. Paty are getting you out of the woods!

  18. So happy to hear! Love to you both!

  19. Ann bresnan says:

    What a relief!!!!

  20. kimball Knutson says:

    sending love to you both!

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