Home safe and sound

Hey all,

Just a quick note to say that Jay returned home safe and sound this afternoon, driven by his parents and my sister (I had to go back to work this week).  We are so grateful for their support and for everyone who buoyed us up during these past 10 days (friends, family, nurses, doctors, parking garage attendants, randomly kind strangers, etc.).

Stay tuned for a post from the man himself.  I won’t spoil the surprise, but there is good news!  Spring is on the way.

Love and gratitude,



  1. Hi,
    Glad to hear Jay is ok. My partner and I came across this blog as he is also in Dr. Feldman’s TIP vs. BEP trial for a nonseminoma in his chest and just finished his 3rd cycle of TIP. We love the positivity that this blog sends and want to wish both of you good luck!

  2. John Swain says:


    So happy that you are home and able to recover in your own space.

    Thought you would be intrigued by a piece in today’s Mail online, required reading for those addicted to relatively harmless guilty pleasures, about some goings on at Colet Court. It seems that the choirmaster, no less, was a bit of a bad lad. This was some time ago, it seems. In my day we had Mr Alexander in that role. I was quite the choirboy then and as a result benefited from Mr A’s annual treat for his chosen ones. This consisted of dinner at Chez Ciccio in Kensington Church Street followed by the Royal Albert Hall to see the Vienna Boys Choir. I do not remember him ever laying an in appropriate hand on me or anyone else. I was a guest twice. My parents, I imagine, were terrified, but said nothing.

    And you? I must say I think it was a great schol when I was there. We would get on the tube at Park Royal and get off at Baron’s Court and walk, at the age of 8 or 9, unimaginable.

    Hope we see you soon and that your good news continues unabated.

    All the best John Sent from my iPad

  3. Mary Ludington says:

    Great news, Katie Rose and welcome home, Jay! XO

  4. Margaret Chace says:

    Glad you are home, Jay! Two down, one to go. Thinking of you all—
    xo Margaret, Kip, and Blythe

  5. that’s what I what I was waiting for! hurray, welcome home warrior Jay. Love to both J & KR. We love you so much!!!!

  6. Jane ringer says:

    Thanks for update—- we love good news! XOXO

  7. So happy to have you back in Pawling, Jay, I can hardly wait to hear the good news! We would love to visit if it’s a good time, is there a schedule for visiting?

  8. Theresa Ryan says:

    Great to hear the continuing good news. I’m sure you’re grateful for Jay’s return home, too! xot

  9. Russell b says:

    Fantastic news! No place quite like home! Really happy you are on the mend.
    Russell B

  10. Kirt Benedict says:

    That is so great! Is he up to seeing visitors at home? I wasn’t able to make it last week. I mean, when he’s rested and what not…😘
    Kirt Benedict

  11. Ann Bresnan says:

    You made my day! Xxxxoooo Ann

  12. Deanna Sue Sucsy says:

    prayers do get answered. So happy to know Jay is home! xxx Sucsys

  13. Nick Kearns says:

    Great news!

    Give him my best.


  14. John Swain says:

    Hey KR,

    Many thanks for the news, which is so good to know. We just got back last night from the left coast and hope to see you both soon. Betty’s email has a glitch which allows her to read your AITC postings but not respond, thus my appointment as correspondent in residence. Love to you and your man from both of us.


    Sent from my iPad

  15. So good to hear!!! Wishing Jay all my best. Austin

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