Fall Fashion: Chemo/Resort style

This is what is happening in the chemo ward today.



  1. Fierce!

  2. Amy Pearce-Hayden says:

    Wow. Its MAKING your hair grow like crazy! James and I were in West Hollywood last night and saw a drag show— you would have given them a run for the money.


    On 10/28/13 6:11 PM, “Adventures In Testicular Cancer” wrote:

    > Katie Rose posted: “This is what is happening in the chemo ward today.” >

  3. patty giesecke says:


  4. You amaze! Fall light jeweled tones of yellow, orange, red, white – bright, hope, light, shining at you, in you, on you, through you!!

  5. Chemo is giving you a very sexy look!!!! :) Hugs to you!!!! xoxoxo

  6. rrrrrooowrrr (that’s my tiger meow sound.)

  7. Karen Erickson says:

    I vowed I’d never write on this again, but it was such a relief to laugh, I lost my head. Giving back is not a pressure you need. John pointed this out to me. I’m looking for a support group here in city, so I can get slightly more balanced. But I have to say, seeing you in that wig and your nasty lip curl gave me big time hope.

  8. Karen Erickson says:

    I laughed for a good 60 seconds. My Jaybees, you do keep giving back.

  9. Nick Kendrick says:

    Business in the front!

    I’ve been charting your progress. Looks like things are going well. Would love to talk to you again some time soon. Wish I was out there.

    I’ll see you around christmas for sure.

    White light nick.

  10. heyyyyyyyy gurlll.

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