Calling all SOUPer friends!


So I know I promised many of you to tell you what you could do for us, and I’ve finally got it!  SOUP!  We bought a big chest freezer earlier this summer and it would be so great to stock it up with soups for the fall, as we settle into this whole chemotherapy regimen and as I start my new job.  I’ve been reading an amazing book by Rebecca Katz, The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen and she’s got some good recipes for soup (see links below) that seem to combine all of the right ingredients for dealing with chemo and cancer.   So if you’re feeling industrious and want to cook up a batch of soup, we’d love it!

A few notes (sorry, we’ve become picky eaters!):

  • Food safety is super important right now.  You can read about it here.
  • We’re trying to avoid plastics, so we’ve found that ½ gallon mason jars are the best (you can find them in the grocery store or pick some up from us).

Here are five recipes:

  1. BROTH:
  5. TOMATO:

Thanks for the nourishment.  You guys are the best!

Love and gratitude,



  1. ooooooh Baby.

  2. How rigid are you? Can I use boxed chicken broth? NBH

  3. I haven’t read the soup recipes yet, but in my feng shui class I learned adding Miso 5 minutes before eating is very good for the immune system. You probably already know this little trick. xoxo

  4. Wish we could cook up some soup for you!!!! Instead we are sending GREAT BIG HUGS long distance. Also lots of Healing Energy! Love, Jane and Joe and all of the Ring-a-dings

  5. Tisha Howe says:

    On our next trip to Pawling, we will come bearing soups. So glad you are letting us know.

  6. kimball Knutson says:

    Wish I lived closer so that I could lovingly make you soup.xo

  7. Nicky Agate says:

    We’ll get cracking on some sweet potato!

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