The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


The Good

I saw Dr. Bains yesterday and had a chest x-ray at MSK.  The good news is that my lung has stayed inflated at 85% over the last week and is stable.  I also got my labs drawn and the best news is that my tumor marker (HCG) is “< 2.0 / undetectable”!!!  This is a huge milestone and bodes well.

The Bad

It seems there may still be a small leak in my left lung and as such the chest tube is going to stay in for another week.  It is quite painful and now the surrounding muscles and fascia seem to have locked up around the ribs against which it is rubbing which causes it’s own discomfort.  I will go back next Thursday and hopefully they will be able to take it out then.

The Ugly





  1. russell says:

    Jay- i hope that left lung starts behaving soon. I suppose all good things take time. I’m sure you are on your way to recovery. Great news on the tumor marker which is a huge deal. Keep the faith brother. looking forward to more updates and good news! Russell

  2. The pain is ugly, and I’m so sorry for that, but the HCG number is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!
    Love to you both. R.

  3. John swain says:

    Hello Jay and KR

    Many many congratulations on your amazing and wonderful news. Betty and I are so happy for you.

    We celebrated Susan’s 75th last night with the usual crowd of suspects, your parents, Claudia and Jon, Jerry and the birthday girl, Betty and me. They came for a drink here at Beekman Place first, then we went to Ethos for dinner. Our reason was that the dishwasher gave up the ghost,but we had such a good time that I doubt if we will ever again host a dinner party. Ethos is just a block away,the best Greek food especially the fish, and on Friday evenings, based on our experience last night, the Greek community gathers there for what the Brits used to call a Hooley. The bar area was crammed,the restaurant was packed,the music was great, and we had the best table in the place, a square with two on each side, with amazing cheerful service and the pleasure of a pre planned menu. It felt as though someone had hired the perfect crowd. They have their own way of celebrating birthdays, quite a performance. Susan seemed to love it. You know you are having agood time when you are sitting, “dancing” to the music a d keep catching the eye of others around you who are doing the same thing. When you are ready, we have to take you there.

    Love from us both John

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Theresa Ryan says:

    Sorry about your pain and discomfort, but happy to hear you can still stay home. xot

  5. Tisha Howe says:

    Wonderful news.

  6. I actually used to have a dog that looked just like that! Ugly but very loving….as are all the friends and family that surround you. Be filled by the warm Spring breezes. Thinking of you

  7. Jay, In reading your wonderful news, I felt a song coming on–perhaps you can add it to the Red Rooster rep:

    “Undetectable. . .that’s what I am. . . .”

    You and Zilka can take it from there!

    Love to you both,

    Robin & Helen

  8. Dear Jay,
    1. Good -“Undetectable” is great news-
    Worthy of celebration!
    2. Bad – So sorry about the remaining tube –
    Hopefully only another week’s discomfort-
    3. Ugly -Still a winner –
    ….with a beauty of her own !
    Stay strong and keep the hope shining-
    So many people are loving you and cheering you on – and I am privileged to be among them –
    Unlimited love to you….

  9. every milestone matters — great to talk with you yesterday

    just hit 2yrs cancer-free myself with us celebrating our son Oscar’s 2d birthday tomorrow — went for him IVF-style before my BEP experience and second RPLND…


  10. Mary Ludington says:

    Fantastic on the UNDETECTABLE news! Such a bummer about the chest tube,… I hope your body worker team can get going on the fascia asap. I kind of love that dog. Hang in there, Jay and Katie Rose, Mary & Kevin

  11. john & marija mccarthy says:

    We love your sense of humor! Marija and John

  12. The ugly is adorable as are you, but you’re prettier!! XXX

  13. bart louwagie says:

    First good laugh
    Waf Waf

  14. Leave behind the tumor
    Keep up the sense of humor.

  15. Aline Haynes says:

    Fabulous news!!! And we’ll be praying that next Thursday that painful (and ugly) chest tube is removed FOR GOOD!!! Sounding good, so happy for you and Katie Rose – your exciting news of a little Erickson on the way and your upcoming wedding. What joyful things to look forward to!!!! Love, Aline and Bill Haynes

    Aline Haynes Licensed Associate Broker, CNE Stribling & Associates, Ltd. C: 917-494-0324

    Sent from my iPhone


  16. Carolyn Handler says:

    Great news! On the lung, you might want to give a listen to Ingrid Michaelson’s song “Keep Breathing” it has given me a lot of comfort.

  17. Sebastian says:

    I’m happy to see that AP is your go-to source for ugly dog photos, and even more psyched to hear about your tumor marker!! That’s awesome!!!!! Not even a leaky left lung can temper that good news. Stay strong buddy!! Sending you love from Dakar.

  18. The Good = Awesome!!
    The Bad = We’re pulling for ya!
    The Ugly = Best in Category

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