Slowly Coming Alung

viewI can see the East River, the 59th St. Bridge and Roosevelt Island from the chair in my hospital room. Traffic is not too bad right now, the tide is going out and all is groovy.

I am feeling so much better than I was last week and my digestive system is up and running -i am eating regularly and eliminating like a champ. I still have some pain in my abdomen from the surgical incision but it is fading fast. In the past days they have serially removed all of my tubes except for the chest tube as my lung remains the only issue keeping me here.

My left lung has been having a hard time staying inflated ever since the surgery on 3/19. It comes up and then sits down a bit. They threaten to put a larger tube in and then it seems to perk up and they hold off.

On Tuesday they performed a pleurodesis by injecting doxycycline through the tube into my pleural space. The goal of the procedure is to cause inflammation and irritation on the outside of the lung and inside of the chest wall which will help the two reach and adhere to each other. I have never felt pain like that. It felt as if fire was poured into my lung and a red hot chain was being raked along the inside of my thoracotomy incision. The intense pain lasted about 2 hours as they had be turn every 15 minutes to baste as much surface area.

The next day my lung was actually down a bit but yesterday it was back up and hopefully adhering. Still waiting to hear about this morning’s x-rays but if all goes well they will take the suction off of my chest tube soon and I can go home with a Heimlich valve on Sunday.

Today is day 10 of this stint at Chez MSK and I am getting a bit stir crazy but I am grateful my plumbing is working, my pain is minimal and no more NG tube! And everything on the cancer front is looking good. These setbacks are just temporary and mechanical and I know I’ll be home soon to the sound of the peepers and the blooms of the daffodils.


  1. Carolyn Handler says:

    I continue to think of you with admiration and affection. I remember our lamb chop evening fondly. I hope for more lovely evenings with you and KRose in the coming warmer months.
    With affection,

  2. Good vibes from Portsmouth, NH kind sir.

  3. Jay, last night I was in a great drumming circle in Poughkeepsie, Bart was there too. We drummed for you and KR… it was an amazing night. I have a gift for you to boost your healing when you get home. You will be 100% soon, I just know it… deep in my bones. Love you and KR. N~

  4. Debbie Battaglia says:

    I know it’s hard to get through this crazy stuff. But this WILL pass, and will be behind you, and you’ll be strong and cancer free again. Keep your spirits up Jay! :0)

  5. Sara, Nat & the boys says:

    You are a champion. We miss you and can’t wait for you to be back home. All love!!

  6. Josh Morris says:

    You are a rockstar Jay. Thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you soon!

  7. Darby Ringer says:

    You are really strong to take all that pain. I hope you get to go home soon and that your lung
    cooperates. You have endurance!


  8. Unbelievable. But the peepers are out in force to greet you soon!

  9. Yes! The peepers are a joy to behold and they will still be singing on Sunday when you come home.
    So glad you’re feeling better Jay.

  10. Jane Ringer says:

    Hope you can be home soon!!! Love and Hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  11. Larry Hayes says:

    Love your positivity dude! You’re an example for all of us. Be well and heal quickly!

  12. Christine says:

    Thinking of you often and cheering you on from up in the north peeper country.

  13. wowy…you’re a super hero.
    yes, dance videos!!! now that sounds like a good idea!

  14. Once again, I’m more than a little jealous of all the attention the Pawling ladies pay you. While giving lip service to sharing– you’ve claimed them all. Be neighborly, please.

  15. Theresa Ryan says:

    As always, an inspiration! Hope you are heading home soon. xot

  16. patty giesecke says:

    From you lips to God’s ears……..lets turn this page. We send love.

  17. It’s a Lung Train Running…

    All Alung the Watchtower?

    Merrily, We Roll Alung <– Might be most appropriate…

    • A Lung Walk to Freedom

      Hopefully your new found strength will yield more dance videos to satiate your legions of clamoring fans.

      You guys are our heros and Jamie and I send our love and positive energy your way.

  18. Michelle Farnum says:

    You’re one tough guy. If there is a right way to go through all this, you’re showing it to us.

  19. I’m heading up to QH soon and hope you’ll be following shortly thereafter. Glad you two are keeping your humor and spirits up. Love to both you and Katie Rose. XXX NBH

  20. Ann bresnan says:

    You are my hero- so brave !! Xxx

  21. Esther Forrest says:

    I was at Chez MSK on Monday for my own stomach attack. I thought about tracking you down if I was going to be there overnight. Luckily I went home after my dose of morphine and five hours of visiting. Hang in there. After all you/I have been through there ain’t too much that can rattle our chains. Start looking for a book deal!

  22. Kristina Gates says:

    ❤ Too much pain! I hope all of that is behind you now and you are home soon xo

  23. Sebastian says:

    You amaze me with your strength buddy. I think of you and Katie Rose constantly and am sending you all sorts of good karma from Oxford. The flowers are peeping up here as well. I can’t wait until I’m back stateside to share a beer with you and talk about how you’re totally kicking this cancer’s ass. Love you bro. My mom sends her love as well as an official Jay superfan. Stay strong buddy.

  24. Ellen love Dungan says:

    Hi jay. I’m a huge fan or yours and your blogs. You are in my thoughts and heart constantly. You are such an inspiration and amusing! I’m learning mucho physiology. I love it….having done my dissertation in respiration. Although on people who stutter. I visualize the adherence of lungs to the thoracic wall as two pieces of glass adhering to each other because of moisture in between. Make sense? Thank you so much for your most interesting accounts of you progress. I look forward to your blogs. And will think of you on my walks in larchmont when I hear the “peepers”

    Xxxxoooo Ellen Dungan.

  25. Wow. I marvel at your strength. There can’t be too many more challenges that you can’t handle with your amazingly positive outlook. The daffodils and peepers await your arrival!

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