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(may need to view on the web to see the video above)

Hopefully tomorrow my chest drain comes out and I’ll be home in short order.  Still waiting on pathology report but I’ve got a good feeling all they found was the best kind of cancer: dead cancer.   Thank you for all of the notes, visits and good wishes!


  1. So this is w/o a doubt one of the coolest things you could do with this moment: Check the right box: having just had your lungs operated on you could (a) lie in bed, (b) drink only liquids and lie in bed (c) come out of it slowly (d) dance to latin music with you IV. (e) all of the above. I really like your choice (s)! xo Tian

  2. Jay, like Fred Astaire you make your partner look good. And you’re going to have a beautiful battle scar from this last one. We are thinking of you often Jay. You make us all appreciate life. I hope you dance out of there soon.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hope the discharge papers are making their way down the hall. You look ready to ride-on home.

  4. Courtenay B. Carella says:

    completely amazing Video.Just made my week!Love this. Love you guys.Heeeeeeeeeeaaaaaal.

    Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 01:41:27 +0000 To:

  5. Antoinette says:

    You are amazing!!! Dance on, much love.

  6. Love the video! Congrats on a successful part one. Keep on dancin’!

  7. Rock on Jay. We’ll do some pranayama when you get home, as soon as you feel like that. You’re my hero! Love Nadiya~

  8. Margaret Chace says:

    Dear Jay and Katie Rose, Sending lots of good thoughts and wishes. Feel better!!! And get home soon!!! We–me, Kip, and Blythe– are in Charleston where the trees are blossoming. They will be soon there too!!!

  9. Jack Hyland says:

    I’ve been following your progress. Glad it’s nearly behind you. Plan on revisiting our dock on Indian Lake. Jonathan will be up at some point and I’ll take a photograph of the gang. It ‘s still one of my best.

  10. Theresa Ryan says:

    You and Katie ROCK!! xot

  11. Work it! Keep on groovin…

  12. Phagocytes kick ass. That truly amazing point of entry and successful exit is the mark of modern medicine. You and Katie-Rose prepared well. Continuing to send love —

  13. was hoping the surgery would improve your dancing

  14. Randy Fairbanks says:

    Cheers to dead cancer! Keep dancing, Jay!

  15. Ann Bresnan says:

    You rock, Jay!!!

  16. Kirstie (Kirt) Benedict says:

    i❤ dead cancer. that’s awesome Jay. DEAD CANCER. Nice…😘

  17. Charlotte Rowe says:

    jay, that looks so incredibly painful. do you have access to lots of pain killers? my back hurts just looking at it! i can’t believe how little i can possibly understand what it is like to be you right now, even with all your awesome updates. i hope you are not in too much pain. the only thing making me feel slightly better is that i know you are in good hands with KR and your docs. i hope it is all over soon.

    lots of love and tons of rest, charlotte

  18. Speedy healing and tons of love from Andy, Adda and Justine x

  19. I love you.

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